About Me

Hi, I’m Stephen Webb, a cultural and content manager, as well as the creator of CityDogsLife.

I grew up surrounded by dogs and I’ve always been passionate about them. Since childhood, I assumed the responsibility of taking care of my family’s dogs, and I was the happiest doing it.

When I grow up, my wife and I always wanted to adopt a dog. But, by living in a small city apartment, we didn’t know if we could offer a pup a happy and healthy life.

Sometime later, and after living for 3 years in a house in a small town, we returned to live in a city apartment with our 1-year-old daughter and Lady, our 3-year-old Chocolate Labrador.

Since then, we began spending countless hours researching to be able to offer Lady the best life quality in her new environment. But, when we found only little or contradictory information on the subject, we wanted to share all the things we were learning through thoroughly researched and in-depth content.


CityDogsLife aims to provide dog owners with high-quality, research-based information and advice that allows them to:

  • Better understand their dogs and needs so they cam make the best decisions to help them.
  • Strengthen the bond between pets and their owners in order to improve their well-being.
  • Learn to overcome difficult times and situations together for the welfare and safety of both.
  • Find ways to offer their pups the best life quality.

Contact Me

For questions about this website, please contact me.