Are Huskies Good Family Dogs?


Are you thinking about bringing a Husky home? Huskies are great family dogs that get along well with children and can be quite tolerant. Nevertheless, if you’re thinking about adding a Husky to your household, there are a few things you need to know.

Siberian huskies are beautiful, smart, and strong dogs, and they will bring a lot of love to your home. But are huskies good family dogs? Keep on reading to find out.

Are Huskies Good Family Dogs?

Yes, they are. Huskies are fantastic family dogs and will bring a lot of love to your home. Here are a few reasons why a Husky might be the right family dog for you.

They Get Along With Children

A Husky is extremely tolerant of children. If you have toddlers and younger children, your Husky will enjoy playtime with them. It’s quite common to see your toddler sleeping comfortably next to or even on your Husky.

This dog is playful by nature, so it will be the perfect play companion for a lonely child. It also loves exercise, so it will encourage an older child to leave the house instead of being fixated on their phone or other electronic devices.

After having a child, another dog might feel a little jealous, but a Husky will understand. As a matter of fact, huskies become protective of your new baby. This is why a Husky will be affectionate towards your little children and consider them as siblings that they want to play with all the time.

They Are Friendly

Huskies are friendly dogs that don’t feel alarmed around strangers. They will love your friends and get along with people they don’t know. Your guests, even the ones that don’t have dogs, will be able to play with your Husky.

Because they’re affectionate, most people consider them to be amazing family dogs. They won’t bark at your guests and will be extremely happy when your guests bring their kids along. They don’t attack others, so they can be perfect companions.

They Are Tolerant of Other Pets

Huskies are perfect for multi-pet households. They’re extremely friendly and will get along with other dogs with no issues. However, if your other dog isn’t properly socialized, it can make your Husky nervous.

Due to their strong prey drive, your Husky should be closely supervised around other smaller pets. It will get along with a cat if they’ve been raised together. Huskies were originally bred to help hunters in the harsh conditions of Siberia, so they might show aggressive behavior around other small pets.

It’s crucial to train your Husky puppy for early socialization, as this will help avoid future problems. Huskies will still retain their prey drive towards other animals like squirrels and rabbits, but they will get along with cats and pet rabbits if they have been around for a while.

They Are Intelligent

Adult Siberian Husky

Although other canine breeds rank higher when it comes to intelligence, huskies are smart in their unique ways.

Coren’s criteria measure the intelligence of a breed based on the number of repetitions needed to teach a dog a new trick and the success rate of following commands after giving an order for the first time. According to these criteria, the huskies’ intelligence was calculated to show how smart this breed is.

Most huskies will rank as above-average dogs. With individual differences between members of the same breed, your Husky might be more intelligent and obedient than others.

Some huskies might not obey all the orders fast, but this doesn’t mean that they’re not smart. As a matter of fact, these dogs are independent-minded and will question orders before following them. They can actually make decisions for themselves and might even save your life in a dangerous situation.

They’re also wonderful work dogs, and each one of them has a special set of skills. Your Husky can be easily trained to do a lot of tasks based on the relationship you both have.

They Don’t Shed Much

Apart from the time when your Husky will blow its coat, it’s generally a low shedder, so it’s an excellent choice for a busy family household.

This will happen twice a year and lasts three weeks at a time. For a busy household, cleaning after a Husky won’t be an issue.

A Husky doesn’t cope well with apartment living unless it has been adequately trained. If you lead a healthy and active lifestyle and go for daily jogs and runs, your Husky will be extremely happy.

Is a Husky The Perfect Dog for You?

Research shows that huskies probably originated among the Chukchi. This is a tribe of Siberian nomads who used huskies to help them with transportation and hunting animals.

Over the years, huskies were considered loyal work dogs that often slept with the family. Their thick coat would provide a comfortable bed for the children at night.

Today, people fall in love with huskies and bring them home, but they need to understand if they will work for them. A Husky might be the perfect dog for you in the following cases.

  • You need a medium-sized active dog. A Husky loves to play and will be the perfect companion for someone who has an active lifestyle.
  • You want a free-spirited and playful dog. This dog has a mind of its own and will bring a lot of laughter and fun to your house.
  • You need an athletic companion. It will enjoy the daily runs and long play sessions with your children. A Husky loves running and jumping, so playing together will make you both happy.
  • You want to explore the outdoors with your dog. A Husky will enjoy hiking, survival adventures, and spending long hours at the beach.
  • You need a dog that is affectionate and lovable. This dog will be tolerant of humans and other dogs, so it won’t feel alarmed when you have guests over.
  • You want a dog that has a special character. Interacting with a Husky can be a lot of fun, as this witty dog will always come up with games of its own.
  • You have a lot of time and attention that you can give to your Husky. Starting from an early age, you need to watch your puppy and train it properly. Giving your Husky love is extremely rewarding because it will give you all this love back.

What Should You Look Out For Before Getting a Husky?

Husky puppy

A Husky can be an amazing family dog, depending on your family setup. This means that you need to think about your lifestyle and the number of children and pets in the house before bringing a Husky home.

These mighty and beautiful dogs have captivating eyes and a witty demeanor that makes them appealing, but some people don’t understand that they need special attention.

As a result, people might give up their huskies, so they end up in shelters or on the streets because they don’t know how to care for them. Here are a few things to consider before bringing a Husky home.

  • A Husky is a strong-minded dog and might not work for you if you’re a new or timid owner. It needs a strong-willed owner who maintains the alpha position in the pack.

Unless you have the energy to assume this position, your Husky won’t follow your orders. These are pack dogs, and they will need an owner to act as the leader of the pack.

  • This dog needs a lot of attention and training, especially starting from a young age. Unless you give your Husky puppy the needed attention, it can become extremely stubborn and difficult to deal with.
  • Huskies need your time and care. If you spend a lot of time away from home, your Husky will get bored and is likely to misbehave. Ruining your furniture is only one of the ways that your Husky will show that it’s not enjoying itself because you’re always away.
  • In general, a Husky doesn’t live comfortably in an apartment because it feels confined in a small area. However, with some training, you might be able to make your apartment comfortable for a Husky.
  • Even if you have a backyard where your Husky can play, it might ruin your landscape. It likes to dig and might ruin your flower gardens if you’re not paying attention. It’s best to assign a designated area where your Husky can dig and play with no issues.
  • Think about the weather in your area. If you live in a high-temperature climate, your Husky’s thick coat will make it extremely hot and uncomfortable.
  • You should make sure that your Husky has enough room to roam and play. It’s not the best dog for a small apartment and needs a daily dose of daily exercise.

Working out, running, and daily jogs will keep your dog in excellent health and prevent weight gain. It will also help channel all the energy so the dog doesn’t feel trapped or bored.

  • If you’re looking for a quiet dog, then a Husky might not be the right one for you. It enjoys grumbling and groaning and might become extremely noisy if you’re not paying enough attention. The howling of a Husky can be heard miles away, so it might make your neighbors uncomfortable, especially if you leave it alone for long hours.
  • This is not a guard dog. If you need a dog to protect you, then you need to consider another breed because huskies are extremely friendly. They will get along with other people and dogs fast.
  • A Husky is a master of escape. If you’re planning to leave your dog in the backyard to play on its own, your Husky will see the slightest opportunity and try to break free and run away.

As a result, you should only get a Husky if you’re planning to spend a lot of time playing with it and giving it enough attention. This is one of the main reasons why huskies end up lost or injured.

Final Thoughts

A Husky is a good family dog for the right family. It loves playing, gets along with children and other animals, and is never boring or dull.

However, this strong-willed dog needs special and continuous training as it usually questions orders. It might not be that obedient, but it’s definitely fun.