Are Dobermans Good Family Dogs?


The Doberman Pinscher is a famous German guard dog that became extremely popular in the US. Being one of the most renowned police dog breeds, some people ask this question: are Dobermans good family dogs?

A Doberman is an excellent family dog and will make sure that his family is safe all the time. It’s a loyal dog that you can depend on, but special attention and training are crucial to guarantee the safety of your canine and everyone in the family.

Keep on reading to learn more about this majestic breed.

Are Dobermans Good Family Dogs?

Choosing a dog as a companion is a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. Although all dogs are amazing, understanding the breed’s traits and the individual personality of your dog will help you decide if your family is the right match for it.

Dobermans are great family dogs because they’re loyal, affectionate, and sweet. When it’s raised with your children, it will consider them as puppies in the pack. Here are a few reasons why Dobermans are good family dogs.

They’re Loyal

Dobermans were bred to be fearless guard dogs. As a result, this dog will do whatever it takes to protect you, your property, and your kids.

If you have a toddler, your Doberman will do its best to guarantee the safety of your child, even when you’re not around. It will gladly give up its life for you or your children in case of danger.

The Dobie also has a fearful look that might drive others away. This can be extremely helpful if you’re getting a dog for protection and doesn’t reflect your dog’s truly affectionate and lovable nature.

However, this dog won’t jump and attack your guests without reason. Unless strangers are behaving suspiciously, trying to hurt the dog’s owner, or are extremely aggressive, your Dobie won’t initiate an attack.

They’re Curious and Playful

Apart from the serious look on a Doberman’s face, this dog can be the perfect play companion. It enjoys playtime sessions with kids and adults and will definitely be an active member of your family.

Unlike other breeds, this one actually enjoys being part of the family and will stick around whatever you’re doing. Your Doberman will probably stay close to the fireplace in the house because it doesn’t tolerate cold weather very well. The look of your affectionate Dobie on the floor with your kids running around creates the perfect family picture.

A Doberman doesn’t mature early and might retain a puppyish behavior until it’s almost 3 years old. This makes it an excellent play companion for younger children who will definitely enjoy playing with their Doberman.

They’re Affectionate

In addition to their natural talent of protecting their owner and the family, these dogs are also very sweet in nature. They show love and can be trained as emotional support dogs that people need after dealing with trauma.

This dog will always put the needs of its owner first, so it will stay next to you if you’re not feeling well. It can sense your feelings and pain and will help you cope with the emotional trauma you’re dealing with.

Although most people don’t immediately identify a Doberman as a therapy dog or emotional support animal, it possesses all the traits that qualify it for these positions. Dobermans are among the most intelligent dogs, and they’re also very affectionate by nature, so they will be excellent companions.

Victims of assault feel very safe around a Doberman because this strong dog makes them feel protected. At the same time, its sweet nature makes it an impressive and lovable friend.

Due to the alert nature of this dog, some people don’t believe that it can be a suitable emotional support animal. It’s true that the traits of the Doberman qualify it to be an excellent police and war dog, but it can still provide its owner with love and affection.

They’re Suitable for Apartment Living

As long as you don’t ignore it’s need for daily exercise, Dobermans can be suitable for apartment living. It enjoys spending time around its owner and its family, regardless of the setup.

However, a Doberman will be happier if you live in a house with a backyard. It will be able to run and play with your kids.

They’re Easy to Groom

Caring for and grooming your Doberman is an easy task. It’s a suitable choice for a novice owner because it needs nothing but a regular bath.

It has a short coat, so it doesn’t need excessive or too much brushing. Going over the coat using a dog mitt will remove the dog hair and keep your house clean.

They’re Smart

A Dobie will enjoy challenges and follow your orders easily. This dog will enjoy competitions, track races, and obstacle courses.

If you’re a new owner, the Doberman will be an adequate dog for you because it’s a quick learner. It’s an intelligent dog that doesn’t question your orders, so it will be easier to train than other more stubborn breeds.

Because it’s brilliant, you’ll have to come up with new tricks and games to play with your Doberman. As a result, this dog can be the right dog for a lonely child or someone who spends a long time at home.

They’re Helpful

Due to its intelligence, this dog can be an excellent guide dog. It naturally knows how to navigate obstacles and provides the needed mental and emotional support when someone is dealing with a health issue.

Some visually impaired people choose Dobermans because they know how to navigate obstacles adequately. They also have a nice temperate and are easy to train, so they will help people with visual impairment enjoy a comfortable and happy life.

This dog likes to please its owner, so it will do whatever you train it to do. It’s not a stubborn dog, although it’s still strong-willed and smart. A Doberman accepts training with enthusiasm and can even tolerate some punishment, as long as it’s not aggressive.

Is a Doberman The Perfect Dog For You?

Doberman puppy

In the late 19th century, a German tax collector wanted a dog to protect it while doing his dangerous job, so he started breeding dogs until he was able to breed the Doberman Pinscher. Also called the Dobermann, this dog was extremely loyal, which made him the perfect guard dog.

This dog soon became quite popular as a strong protector because it was ready to give up its life to protect its owner. However, as the years went by, people began to see for themselves the sweet nature of this intelligent and strong dog.

Originally, this dog was bred to carry out the toughest tasks, so it became a popular guard dog and gained a reputation as an aggressive dog. Nevertheless, the strength of this dog can be channeled towards more productive activities.

Thanks to its energy, the Doberman will be the right dog for you if you’re an active person. It likes to play with you and your children, inside and outside the house. A Doberman will be the right dog for you in the following cases.

  • You need a medium-sized active dog that stays alert. It likes to be kept busy physically and mentally, so it will be the right companion for someone who has an active lifestyle and spends a lot of time at home.
  • You’re a new owner and don’t have a lot of experience with training dogs. The Doberman is a smart dog and a quick learner, so it will quickly adapt to your lifestyle and become a well-trained member of your family.
  • You want a dog with a puppyish attitude. This dog will retain the traits of a playful and funny puppy longer than other breeds, so it can be the right choice for you if you’re a patient person with lots of time.
  • You want an affectionate dog. Whether you’re looking for a new companion for your kids or need an emotional support dog, a Doberman might be the right dog for you.
  • You have other pets in the house. With early and proper socialization, a Doberman will get well with other dogs and pets with no issues.
  • You live in an apartment. Although this dog needs a lot of physical stimulation, it can easily adapt to apartment living.
  • You live in a house with a fenced backyard. This will provide the Dobie with enough room to play and will also protect it as well as other dogs and people.
  • You need a good companion for your kids. The overly protective nature of the Doberman makes it an excellent dog for a busy household because it loves playing with children.
  • You need a guard dog. The Doberman is extremely protective towards you and your family, so it will try to attack anyone who displays aggressive behavior towards you.
  • You need a dog that doesn’t require a lot of grooming. Although it’s a frequent shedder, a Doberman only needs an occasional bath and regular brushing to keep its coat in good condition.

What Should You Look Out Before Getting a Doberman?

Adult Doberman

A Doberman is an interesting family dog because it quickly considers itself as a member of your family. It enjoys spending time with your kids and will bring a lot of love and attention to your household.

This loyal dog will do whatever it takes to protect you and your family. It’s one of the most intelligent breeds that you can get, but some people don’t understand the requirements needed to keep your Doberman happy. Here are a few things to consider before bringing a Doberman home.

  • A Doberman is an active dog that needs a lot of exercises. If you spend a lot of time away from home or don’t have time to train your dog, it might get easily bored.
  • Because it’s a quick learner, there’s always the need to come up with new games and challenges. This is how you’ll get the dog mentally stimulated. Without this stimulation, the dog might get bored, which can lead to destructive behavior.
  • A Doberman is a strong-willed dog that likes to assume the role of the pack’s leader. Unless you show your dog that you’re the leader in the house, it will become too bossy and challenging to train and control.
  • You should start training your dog from an early age, emphasizing that you’re the leader. This will encourage your dog to follow your orders.
  • A Doberman needs early socialization. This dog can be overly protective, so it needs early socialization to overcome its guarding instincts.
  • If you spend a lot of time away from home, the Doberman might not be the right breed for you. This dog is a family dog and likes to spend time with its owner. It likes to take part in family activities, and won’t feel happy when it’s left all by itself.
  • The Doberman is sensitive to cold weather. If you live in a cold climate or plan to leave your dog outside the house, this might not be the right dog for you. Keep your Doberman inside and make sure that it’s warm, even when it’s playing or running.
  • You shouldn’t leave the Doberman unattended with other pets or strangers. The Doberman can get aggressive towards other dogs and people it doesn’t know, especially if it hasn’t been exposed to lots of people and animals at a young age.
  • Consistent training is crucial. Otherwise, controlling your dog will be extremely challenging.

How Much Exercise Does Your Doberman Need?

A Doberman is an active dog by nature, so it needs between 40 to 60 minutes of daily exercise to stay in perfect health. This dog likes to run and play, so it’s an excellent companion for someone with an active lifestyle.

Walking and running for a few minutes every day isn’t enough for your canine. It actually lowers its speed and energy level to match its owner’s. However, if you really want to see how active this dog is, you can get two Dobermans and watch them race against each other.

In addition to physical exercise, mental exercise is also essential for your dog’s well-being. You need to spend time around your dog and provide it with enough stimulating toys and games that can keep it entertained.

The Doberman loves games that involve interaction, so it won’t be happy if you leave it in the backyard alone for long hours, although it has the freedom to run. It enjoys games where it can interact with other people and dogs because it appreciates being around its family.

Catching a Frisbee or playing with a ball is enough to keep your dog happy. You can also get a dog treadmill if you don’t have enough time to exercise your dog, as this will keep it healthy. However, interactive games are essential for your dog’s mental and physical well-being.

Dealing with an untrained Doberman can be a little challenging. This dog will occasionally jump on its owners out of love and on strangers because it’s protective. It’s crucial to train your dog as early as possible to make sure that you have a good family dog.

When not appropriately treated, a Doberman can become quite aggressive. If you tend to punish your dog or leave it unwatched with other aggressive dogs, it might become difficult to control.

Final Thoughts

A Doberman is a good family dog for a family that appreciates its presence. It’s an alert protective dog that loves spending time with its family, and it will do whatever it takes to protect its owners.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a backyard, regular exercise is needed to keep your Doberman healthy. You should also think of new challenges and games to keep the dog well-stimulated.