6 Best Dog Accessories for Bikes


Being a dog owner means that you like spending time with Fluffy and if possible, taking it out wherever you go! The thing is, you go out mostly with a bike. 

Dogs need regular exercise, and they enjoy the fresh air. Older pets might need some assistance in moving. Occasionally, they also need to see their vet, but your bike doesn’t seem very accommodating of a big dog. 

These challenging situations can be sorted out with the right bike accessories. Here’s a list of the best dog accessories for bikes. Read on to find the right one for you and your dog. 

1. Best Dog Leashes for Bikes 

Letting your dog run beside your bike is a great way to keep it in shape. It’s also amazing that you could share a hobby and go out biking together. 

When you go out for a ride, try to use a harness, not a collar, and start with shorter runs then increase gradually. 

1.1 Walky Dog Plus Hands-Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash 

Bicycle Exerciser Leash

The Walky Dog Plus is a rugged dog leash you can attach to your bike, and take your dog out quickly and easily. The design focuses on maintaining a safe distance between the dog and the bike. 

The reason for that is avoiding situations where the dog comes too close to the bike, wanders too far away, runs in front of it, or lags behind it. All of which are potentially risky situations. 

You can install the leash in a few minutes. It comes with all the necessary tools, and once the bracket is in place, you can connect and disconnect the bar from the bicycle in a second. 

You can also use the leash for regular walking when it’s not attached to the bike. It has a textured grip for extra control, which is always a plus, especially with energetic dogs. 

This bicycle leash is excellent for medium to large dogs, but it could be a little too high for a short-legged dog. You can attach the bar to either side, but it might feel a little in the way while mounting the bike. 

Overall it’s a great bike leash, with thoughtful safe design and high durability.


  • TUV SUD Product Certification shows premium quality
  • It keeps the dog at a safe distance
  • Easy to install and disconnect
  • The leash can be extended by about 6 inches
  • Shock absorbing mechanism
  • Left or right orientation


  • It may not be comfortable for short-legged dogs
  • The bar might impede mounting and dismounting the bike

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1.2 Springer Dog Exerciser, Biking with Your Dog 

Springer Dog Exerciser, Biking with Your Dog

This bicycle leash is about smooth safe riding. The Springer Dog Exerciser is designed to provide comfort to you and your pet, in addition to keeping you both safe. It’s sturdy enough to accommodate an energetic dog. 

It’s easy to install, so you wouldn’t spend the whole day setting it up on your bike. Once the bracket is in place, you can swiftly connect and remove the bike leash. It provides some modifications in positioning to suit your riding style and your dog’s size. 

You can install it easily, it needs just 3.5” of the axis height to attach the clamp, and you can vary the height to suit your dog and your pedaling style. 

There’s a safety feature I appreciate; the quick release option lets you disconnect your dog right away if the leash catches on any obstacles during the bike ride.

If your dog is on the large side, and a bit more dynamic, this bicycle leash would be a perfect choice, it’s a bit pricey though, and you might need to be careful to maintain a safe distance with your dog.  


  • It can be placed left or right
  • You can exercise two dogs at a time
  • The arm can be placed, so it doesn’t scrape the legs
  • It’s suitable for strong and energetic dogs
  • The spring absorbs up to 90% of the dog’s tug 


  • The height adapter is sold separately
  • The dog could come too close to the bike
  • It’s a bit expensive

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2. Best Dog Carriers for Bicycles 

Carriers are a great way of taking a little dog out for some fresh air, exercise or because both of you need to go somewhere on a bike ride. 

Back or front bicycle carriers are best suited for quiet small dogs weighing 10-30 pounds. Some pets might be overwhelmed by the ride, so take it slow. 

2.1 Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat 

Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat

This carrier is as cute as the little dog you intend to take along on a bike ride. The Snoozer Pet Rider is wide and padded, so it should keep your dog comfortable, and it has a safety belt that attaches at three points to keep it safe and supported.

The carrier has a strong base made from plywood and foam, and the whole box has a padded cover, which you’d need to wash frequently, and it’s easy to do. 

It’s capable of carrying a 24 lb dog, and that kind of carrier is usually best mounted on the rear rack, there’s a trade-off, of course, that you can’t keep an eye on your dog the whole time, but it’ll probably be too busy enjoying the open view during the bike ride. 


  • It has a sturdy plywood base
  • The padding provides comfort and safety for the pet
  • The cover can be removed and washed
  • The safety strap connects at three points
  • It offers an open view for the dog
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing
  • It has a reflective strip for extra safety


  • The safety strap might not restrain an excitable dog 
  • It’s not covered, so it’s not suitable for tough weather
  • It’s mounted on the back rack, so you can’t monitor your dog

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2.2 Travelin K9 2019 Pet-Pilot Wicker MAX

Travelin K9 2019 Pet-Pilot Wicker MAX

The Travelin K9 is a pretty looking bicycle carrier with the wicker basket and the tiny shade. It has more than looks though, with its sturdy frame and safety features. 

This bike carrier is about 10 by 13 inches, with a height of about 8 ½ inches uncovered. Adding the sun cover gives your dog around 15 ½ inches of free space. This fits a little dog weighing anywhere from 10 to 22 pounds. 

The basket is padded from the inside. It has a separate top cover to shade your dog or remove it to give your dog a full view. 

We already covered the comfort part, now let’s talk about safety features. The frame is quite sturdy, so there’s no wiggle to frighten your pet, and there’s a safety strap that attaches at two points and connects with the dog’s harness for optimal stabilization during the bike ride.


  • It’s mounted on the front rack where you can watch your dog
  • It’s visually pleasing
  • The wicker basket is breathable
  • The lining is padded and soft to keep your dog comfortable
  • It has an adjustable safety belt that connects at two points
  • It has a removable protective top cover


  • Installing the frame and the mounting components could be a bit tricky
  • The top cover isn’t secured solidly in place

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3. Best Dog Trailers for Bikes

Dog trailers are versatile. They come in handy if your dog needs assistance in moving if it’s too big for a carrier, or it gets agitated from bike rides.

They’re not convenient for tall or long dogs, but they’re perfect for medium-sized ones. 

3.1 DoggyRide Novel Dog Bike Trailer 

DoggyRide Novel Dog Bike Trailer

The DoggyRide is a lightweight dog trailer with bright colors and multiple uses. It’s made from Aluminum, with about 30 pounds of weight overall, and that’s why it wouldn’t be an extra load as you tag your dog along. 

Comfort is essential when you take your dog on a bike ride, that’s why the trailer has a headrest at the front, and screened openings, so it can enjoy the surroundings while being protected from the sun or rain. 

The interior cabin is around 20 by 30 inches wide, with a height of 251/2 inches. It can carry a weight of up to 110 pounds, but the most important thing is how your dog fits inside. 

It can be used as a stroller by adding an optional kit, you can use it for extra storage on camping trips, and your dog can sleep in it during picnics.


  • It’s lightweight so it wouldn’t overload your bike
  • It has good cushioning for your pet’s comfort
  • It has a window on the side with a zipper
  • It’s well-covered so your dog is protected from the weather
  • There’s a reflective strip on the back
  • It has a pouch for bottled water or other stuff


  • It’s quite expensive
  • Its height is a bit low for long-legged dogs

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3.2 PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer

PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer

The PetSafe Solvit is a durable, comfortable, and safe bike trailer for your dog. It’s easy to assemble and maintain, and it’s a nice way to take your dog with you on a bike ride. 

It’s a medium-sized trailer, with cabin dimensions of about 22 x 26 x 33 inches. It can accommodate dogs up to about 50 pounds, which is more like a golden retriever and less like a rottweiler. 

The cabin has multiple ways of entry, a cushion for added comfort, and it has foldable screens to keep off the sun and let in the fresh air. 

It’s easy to attach and to disconnect it from your bike. Maintaining it is also pretty straight forward, the polyester surfaces can be wiped off, and the cushion machine washed. 

The safety features include an internal leash to stabilize your dog and visible reflectors on the cabin and also the wheels. 


  • Several options for entry and exist
  • Mesh and sun covers for different weather conditions
  • Assembly and folding are quick and easy
  • Safety reflectors on the wheels and back of the cabin
  • Good customer support


  • The back reflectors are a bit tricky to install
  • Larger dogs might find it hard to lie down

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Final Thoughts

I hope this list of the best dog accessories for bikes has helped you in picking the right one for your pet. 

You and your dog should be comfortable and safe, so consider your dog’s temperament, size, and fitness, and make sure that the accessory you use is compatible with your bike and pedaling style.

Check with the vet before taking your dog to run beside your bike, and start with short forays then gradually increase your ride. 

Choose quieter less cluttered roads, and use a harness, it’s easier for your dog. Be safe, comfortable, and enjoy the bike ride with your lovely pet.