8 Best Dog Training Treat Bags


Using treats for positive reinforcement is crucial when you’re training your dog. This is why, in this article, we’ll review some of the best dog training treat bags to help you find the fastest route to your dog’s heart.

Treat pouches are easy to use because they will keep treats out of the way until your dog is ready. They will allow your pooch to focus on the task for the best result.

Among all these treat pouches, the LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch Pet Training Bag is my top choice because it’s well made and features several storage compartments. You can carry it in 4 different ways, and there are 2 pockets to dispense waste bags when your dog needs to go.

Reviews of the Best Dog Training Treat Bags

This handy treat bags will carry treats when you’re training your dog outside and inside the house. Moreover, you can use this treat pouches to carry the leash or any other accessories that you might need while training your four-legged friend.

Check out our reviews of the best dog treat pouches.

1. LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch Pet Training Bag

If you’re looking for a stylish and practical treat pouch, you should look no further. The Lanney Dog Treat Pouch Pet Training Bag is made of 600 denier Oxford cloth with PVC coating to make it more durable. The interior lining is made of durable nylon and can be pulled out to clean the treat pouch from all the crumbs.

The cord pull mechanism allows for easy access when you’re walking or training your dog, so you can easily reach your dog’s treats, kibble, and favorite toys. Just press the lock and pull to release. The treat pouch features double stitching, so it’s more durable than other models on the market.

You can quickly close the treat pouch completely to train your dog successfully. Nothing will fall out of the treat pouch when you pull the cord. There are 2 side waste bag dispensers that work for right and left-handed users.

In addition to the main compartment, there’s a big mesh storage pocket and two zippered pockets to keep your wallet, keys, and phone. There’s a big cloth tab on the zipper head, so you can hold the zipper easily, even if you have bigger hands. The bag is abrasion-resistant, so it’s suitable for hiking trips and outdoor training sessions.

There are d-rings on the side of the bag to hang a whistle or a clicker for training purposes. It comes with a food-grade collapsible bowl that you can use to keep your dog well-hydrated. The bag can be held in 4 different ways; around the waist, over the shoulder, as a crossbody bag, or attached to your pants.

Compared to other treat pouches this can be a little bulky. However, it will work for you if you’re looking for a bag to hold a big dog’s belongings.


  • High-quality Oxford cloth with PVC coating.
  • Easy to clean interior nylon lining.
  • Several compartments to store yours and your dog’s stuff.
  • Can be held in four different ways.
  • 2 side poop bags and a collapsible bowl.


  • This treat bags are bulkier than other models.

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2. Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Deluxe Dog Training Bag with Belt

Carrying your dog’s treats and kibble will never be a problem, thanks to the Doggone Deluxe Training Bag big main compartment. The easy open and close magnetic opening secures everything inside and allows for fast and easy access. The shiny interior gray lining makes dog treats more visible in all lighting conditions to help you run your training session smoothly.

There is a divider panel with Velcro closure to help you separate objects while spending a day away from home. The main compartment is big enough to fit a ball that your dog will play with when you’re both chilling at the park. The bag is made of durable 600 denier polyester, and it’s easy to use and machine-washable.

In addition to the roomy compartment, there are small pockets where you can keep some of the essential items that you would need when you’re enjoying your outdoor picnic with your pooch. There’s a special pocket to dispense poop bags so you can promptly clean your dog’s mess.

The combination of side, front, and back pockets will make room for a leash, your cell phone, clickers, and a small leash. The d-rings allow you to attach gear for obedience training. The bag comes with a waist strap and can be attached to your belt.

Unlike other treat bags, the belt clip is well-made, and there are belt loops to help you attach it to a waist belt. Although this bag is rather big, the magnet used to close it is small. If you bend, the contents might spill.


  • Large bag made of durable material.
  • Machine-washable bag with several storage compartments.
  • Internal Velcro closure to store all your essentials.
  • Special pocket to dispense poop bags.
  • Three ways to carry the treat pouch.


  • The magnets that close the bag are rather small.

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3. PetAmi Dog Treat Pouch

This bag is rather large, and the main compartment is big enough to store all your dog’s belongings when you’re planning to spend a day outside. Keeping kibble, treats, as well as your dog’s favorite toy is possible because it’s roomy. Moreover, there’s a zippered pocket and a mesh pocket to keep your keys, wallet, and other essential items.

The PetAmi Dog Treat bag is made of durable high-quality polyester, and there are 8 colors available, so you can always find the most suitable one. There’s a removable 52-inch strap that allows you to wear the bag in three different ways. Thanks to its large size, this bag is suitable for most users.

In addition to storing your dog’s treats, the bag comes with a collapsible bowl, so you can keep your dog well-hydrated when you’re both away from home. There’s a special compartment to keep waste bags. It allows for fast and easy access when your dog needs to go, so you can both enjoy your time together.

If you have a small frame, carrying this dog treat bag as a waist bag might be a bit challenging because the strap is too long. Due to its rather big size, getting treats might be a bit problematic because the bag is deep.


  • High-quality polyester bag with a long strap.
  • Big compartment to store your dog’s treats and toys.
  • Zippered and mesh pockets to keep your essential items.
  • Collapsible bowl to keep your dog well-hydrated.
  • A special pocket to dispense poop bags.


  • The strap is too long for people with smaller frames.
  • Accessing the bag might be a bit challenging because it’s deep.

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4. Moolla Dog Treat Pouch

This is an excellent treat pouch for agility and obedience training, or you can simply use it for a fun day at the park. The Moolla Dog Treat bag is made of high-quality water resistant nylon fabric, and the inner lining is effortless to clean. The reinforced zippers keep everything inside, preventing the contents from getting spilled out when you’re running with your pooch.

Thanks to its rather big size, this convenient drawstring closure bag will hold all your dog’s treats, accessories, toys, balls, kibble, as well as the whistle and leash. With 2 side pockets on each side, you can separate your essential stuff from the stuff used by your dog for fast and easy access.

Keeping your training sessions neat and hassle-free is easy, thanks to the poop bag dispenser. It allows you to remove the bags when you’re on the go quickly. The bag features a long waist belt, so it’s suitable for multiple users.

It’s better worn as a crossbody bag, as the round shape makes it harder to access as a waist bag. The belt clip is rather flimsy, and the treat bag might slip, especially if you’re carrying heavy objects.


  • Well-made water resistant pouch.
  • Easy to clean inner lining.
  • 2 pockets on the sides.
  • Poop bag dispenser for fast access.
  • Practical drawstring closure
  • An adjustable belt and can be worn in multiple ways.


  • The clip isn’t that durable, especially when you carry heavy objects.

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5. Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Training Pouch

Keeping treats, toys, and kibble has never been easier thanks to this easy to access bag. The drawstring closure secures everything as you walk your dog or train him outside the house. Storing your smartphone, keys, as well as your dog’s necessities, will never be a problem.

The Paw Lifestyles dog treat bag features a big main compartment, in addition to other zippered compartments to keep everything organized, and the bright green lining will help you locate everything easily in any lighting condition. There’s a high-quality mesh pocket that you can use to store toys and other accessories. The 2 d-rings can be used for your puppy’s obedience training.

If your dog needs to go, the dog poop bag dispenser will allow you to conveniently handle the mess. The bag features a durable metal belt, so it will last for long. The adjustable waist strap allows you to wear this treat pouch in three different ways, so it’s extremely versatile.

This is a suitable treat pouch if you have an active lifestyle because it’s practical and durable. It doesn’t close from both sides, so it would bunch up. The stitching isn’t that sturdy.


  • Practical treat bag with several storage compartments.
  • You can easily get treats.
  • Poop bag dispenser.
  • Can be held in three ways.
  • Secure drawstring closure


  • It doesn’t close from both sides.
  • The stitching isn’t sturdy.

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6. PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport

Made of durable canvas, the PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport is designed to store and carry all the treats for your dog training. It features a spring-loaded opening and closing mechanism to provide easy access whenever you want. There’s a secure clasp to prevent the contents from spilling out when you’re running with your pet.

The PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport comes with a secure belt that sits right under the waist to prevent it from falling or getting pulled by your enthusiastic dog. There are two different sizes available, and three colors to pick the right one for your next dog training session.

Carrying your smartphone or keys will be easy, thanks to the front open-flap pocket. There are 2 inner pockets to store treats for easy access. The PetSafe Treat Pouch is machine washable, so it will always be in excellent condition.

Accessing waste bags can be a little problematic because the front pocket is rather small. The belt might be too small for some users, and the belt clip might be a better option.


  • High-quality canvas with internal pockets.
  • Sturdy waist belt.
  • Open-flap pocket for your keys and phone.
  • Machine-washable.


  • The pocket devoted for waste bags is rather small.
  • The belt might be too small for some overweight users.

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7. Hero Dog Treat Training Pouch Bag

This stylish dog treat pouch is designed to carry treats, toys, accessories and kibble. The interior orange lining allows you to find everything fast in any lighting condition. It features multiple compartments and zippered pockets to store everything you might need when you’re training your dog.

All your dog’s stuff, as well as yours, will securely fit into this practical bag. The Hero Dog Treat Training bag comes with an adjustable strap and a belt, so you can wear it around the waist or across your shoulders.

You shouldn’t worry about this bag’s durability because it’s made of high-quality water resistant nylon fabric. There’s a special waste bag dispenser, so you can always take care of your dog’s mess as soon as it happens.

It comes with a BPA-free silicone collapsible dog bowl that can be used when you’re traveling or spending a day away from home with your pooch. This bowl is used to keep your dog well-hydrated, so your dog will be in the best shape.

This training treat pouch is rather small compared to other treat bags. As a result, it’s more suitable for smaller pets and will be comfortable to carry for longer distances. The belt clip isn’t that sturdy and might easily break.


  • High-quality waterproof nylon fabric.
  • Orange lining to see the contents of the treat pouch easily.
  • Roomy treat pouch with several pockets to help you organize your stuff.
  • Can be worn in two ways.
  • Silicone dog bowl to keep your dog well-hydrated.


  • The belt clip isn’t of the best quality.

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8. eBasics Dog Treat Pouch for Training

Although this treat pouch is large enough to accommodate 3 cups of treats, it has a rather small profile when closed, and you can carry it comfortably. The black lining will make everything more visible, so you can easily see and find what you’re looking for. The treat pouch comes in 2 different colors.

Cleaning this treat pouch will never be a problem because you can wipe it clean and let it air dry. The eBasic Dog Treat Pouch is made of durable 900 denier polyester, so it’s likely to last for long. It can be worn using the belt or the clip, but the belt isn’t detachable.

This features a magnetic closure with cord-pull for easy access. This will guarantee that everything will stay inside the treat pouch when you’re spending time away from home. At the same time, the opening is big enough to allow you to reach everything fast, even if you have bigger hands.

There’s a front pocket that you can use to store the dog’s leash. Compared to other dog treat pouches, this one is rather small, and there aren’t many pockets. It’s suitable for a smaller dog or a puppy.


  • Durable polyester fabric.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Can be worn using the belt or the clip.
  • Magnetic closure that keeps the contents safe inside the treat pouch.


  • Doesn’t have enough pockets.

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Final Thoughts

With all these amazing choices, finding the best dog treat pouches shouldn’t be a big issue.

Depending on the size of your dog, and how you prefer to carry your treat pouch, you’ll find several good treat pouches options that you can try before your dog’s next training session.

With your love and positive reinforcement, your dog will show fast and remarkable progress.