11 Best Electronic Dog Toys


Are you worried about your dog getting too bored? Dogs are very sensitive, and using the right type of stimulation will help your dog stay in the best mood and shape. In this article, we’ll review 11 of the best interactive dog toys on the market to help you pick the right one.

Reviews of the Best Electronic Interactive Dog Toys

Depressed dogs can be subject to lots of health issues. Although you might be doing your best, your dog might still need more stimulation. The following electronic dog toys offer more stimulation than regular dog toys, as they engage all the senses of your dog. Check out our top picks.

2. VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot: Interactive Treat Dispenser and Companion Robot for Dogs

Buying a robot for your dog might be the right answer to their boredom. This pet robot shakes and vibrates, so your dog will find it playful and fun.

It’s designed to capture your pet’s attention, and you can also connect it to a smart device to keep track of your dog’s progress, control the operation time or how it will engage with your dog.

This interactive treat dispensing toy is suitable for active dogs. The robot will also toss dog treats, so you can use this positive conditioning to stimulate your dog.

Using this robot toy will help your dog overcome separation anxiety. It has sensors to create a clear map of the surrounding environment, and even if the robot has been accidentally knocked off the stairs, it will attempt to readjust itself.

You can guarantee that this robot will last for long because it has an IPX4 rating, so it will work when your dog attempts to urinate on it. The robot can run for 4 hours, but you can extend the playtime by adjusting the settings. For large dogs you need to attach the protective case, as it might easily break.


  • Fitness robot that keeps your dog active.
  • Can be connected to the phone.
  • Engages your dog by tossing out treats.
  • Uses sensors to create a map of the surrounding environment.
  • Has an IPX4 rating.


  • The battery needs regular charging.
  • The protective case is essential if you have a bigger dog.

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3. Wickedbone Smart Bone: Automatic & Interactive Toy for Dogs

Dogs love to play with their bones, but this one is special because its reaction differs based on the dog’s actions. Once you’ve installed the right app, you can either set the toy to work remotely or interactively by responding to your dog’s actions and emotions.

The Wickedbone Smart Bone can be an excellent choice for active and smart puppies who like to move around a lot. Although it feels solid, it might not be the perfect choice for heavy chewers. This affordable dog toy is made of food-grade polycarbonate that doesn’t damage your dog’s teeth or claws. The maximum speed of this toy is 11 feet/second, and you can control it at a distance of 60 feet.

The detachable tires and cover are easy to clean and replace. After using the USB charging cable for 1 hour, the bone will last for 30 minutes in App mode, and 2 hours in the interactive mode. However, this can be a little disappointing for people who spend a long time away from home.


  • Affordable interactive bone.
  • Can be controlled using your smartphone or could interact smartly based on your dog’s actions.
  • Food-grade materials.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Doesn’t last for long.
  • Not suitable for destructive chewers.

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4. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

Dogs never get tired of balls, but if you’re not around to keep your furry friend entertained, you should invest in this interactive toy. The iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers is available in two sizes, every launcher comes with three balls, but you can always use regular tennis balls to keep the game going. You can use this toy for bonding with your dog, although some dogs can understand how it operates and will be able to use it on their own.

You can easily set the throwing distance to 10, 25, or 40 feet depending on your dog’s level of fitness. You can also activate the random setting. It operates using rechargeable batteries or an AC adapter. It can be used for indoor or outdoor play, but the distance traveled might be affected by the smoothness of the surface.

Smarter dogs might easily block the ball because they know where it’s coming from. It tends to lose charge fast.


  • Launches balls to keep your dog physically stimulated.
  • Can be used by the dog on its own.
  • Comes with replacement balls, and you can use any similar-sized ball.
  • Adjustable distance.
  • Rechargeable batteries.


  • Doesn’t hold the charge for too long.
  • Some dogs will figure it out soon, and won’t find it interesting.

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5. Sikoon Wicked Ball

This is an upgrade to your dog’s everyday ball. This interactive dog ball has three different activity levels, and a special spot to stash treats to keep your dog entertained.

Upon charging it for 1 hour, the ball can run for up to 8 hours. The Sikoon Wicked Ball is pretty simple to set up and has built-in sensors to protect it from getting jammed into tight corners that you can’t reach easily.

Nevertheless, even the lowest setting can be too enthusiastic for some users, so you might want to try the lowest setting and add more if you feel that your dog needs more stimulation.

It has an IPX67 rating, so it can be used on land and in water. It can also be easily cleaned using water. However, a treats release button might be needed to keep dogs more interested.


  • Easy to use treat ball.
  • Can last up to 8 hours.
  • Three different settings.
  • Built-in sensors.


  • The lowest setting can be too much for some dogs.
  • Some dogs might not be interested in this toy.

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6. Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy: Electronic Ball that Talks & Makes Noises

Forget about spending lots of cash on your dog’s interactive toy. This smart toy can sense your dog’s breathing or the vibration when he or she is nearby. It will immediately switch on, demanding playtime when you’re not available to engage with your pet.

Your dog will be tempted to play with the Pet Qwerks Talking Interactive Pet Toy until he or she decides to move away. It will automatically switch off until the next play session. The high-impact ABS construction guarantees that this ball will last for a long time. There are 3 sizes available, and each produces different sounds or statements to keep your dog engaged.

If your dog is blind or has poor eyesight, this will be an excellent interactive dog toy for stimulation. It’s also suitable for overweight dogs because it offers physical activity without any treats to help you manage your dog’s weight. The plastic material isn’t suitable for chewers, as your pup might ingest a shred by accident.


  • Affordable and available in three sizes.
  • Doesn’t need any setup.
  • Offers physical training without any treats.
  • Suitable for blind dogs.


  • Can get activated by any other movement.
  • The plastic construction isn’t suitable for chewers.

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7. Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy

This interactive dog ball produces animal sounds, keeping your dog entertained when you’re not around. It’s affordable and comes in three different sizes, so you can pick the most suitable one depending on the size and age of your pet.

The Pet Qwerks Ball is quite durable, as it’s made of high-quality ABS, but this material isn’t suitable for chewers and can break if you have an enthusiastic dog. The ball is activated by the movement or breath of your dog, so you don’t need to install an app to set it up.

The combination of animal sounds is suitable for entertaining puppies as well as dogs that have poor eyesight. Because it doesn’t release any treats, it will help you manage your dog’s weight. You might want to use silicone caulk to seal a little opening in the back to prevent dog slobber from damaging the batteries.


  • Affordable ball that comes in three different sizes.
  • Can be activated without your intervention.
  • Engaging dog toy that works for puppies as well as blind dogs.
  • Helps you manage your dog’s weight.


  • Not suitable for chewers.
  • Dog slobber can damage the batteries unless you seal the opening at the back.

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8. Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Interactive Plush Dog Toy

This is another budget-friendly dog toy that can provide hours of fun. The Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Dog Toy is designed to stimulate your dog’s natural chasing instincts, as you can press the on and off button to activate it.

You can either throw or shake the toy, and your dog will actively chase it. The random movement will last for up to 10 seconds, so you can throw it again to extend playtime.

When your dog gets tired of this toy, it automatically switches itself off to save the battery. It works inside and outside the house, so you can use it to keep your dog busy wherever you are. If you have a big dog, this toy might not work because he or she will quickly chew it.


  • Stimulates your dog’s natural chasing instincts.
  • Moves randomly to keep your dog entertained.
  • You can throw it in multiple directions to keep your dog fit.
  • This dog toy switches itself off to save the battery.
  • Can be used inside and outside the house.


  • Not suitable for bigger dogs.

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9. GoBone Interactive App-Enabled Smart Bone for Dogs and Puppies

Pairing this interactive dog toy with your smartphone is easy and fast. The smart bone adjusts its performance based on your dog’s age, weight, breed, and play style to engage your dog more often.

The GoBone Smart Bone is slobber-resistant and has multiple surfaces that your dog can chew on. The exterior part is replaceable if you have an enthusiastic chewer.

All the parts that your dog is likely to touch are made of FDA food-grade materials. They can be easily removed and cleaned when they get dirty.

After charging your bone, it will last for up to 8 hours. There’s a special tutorial to guarantee that your dog will fall in love with the bone. Even at the highest speed, this might not be too entertaining for more active dogs.


  • Slobber-resistant body.
  • Rolls on multiple surfaces.
  • Made of easy to clean food-grade materials.
  • Pairs with your smart device to activate the toy.
  • Performance can be adjusted based on your dog’s traits.


  • The highest setting might still be slow for some active dogs.

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10. PetSafe Ricochet Electronic Dog Toy

Keep your pet entertained for hours as the two toys work together to stimulate your dog’s senses. When your dog plays with one ball, the other will squeak from 30 feet. Both toys will turn off after 60 minutes if they’re not used.

Even an active chewer won’t be able to damage these dog toys because they’re made of durable materials. The Petsafe Ricochet Electronic Interactive Dog Toys provide physical and mental stimulation because your dog won’t know where the sound is coming from.

The soft rubber coating is suitable for puppies as well as big dogs. It can be a good hide and seek toy. You can hide one of the toys behind a piece of furniture to make the game more challenging.

Some dogs might not be interested in the sounds, or even scared of them. When your dog bounces the ball, the middle plastic part might be too loud as it hits your hard floor.


  • A combination of two toys to keep your dog entertained.
  • Provides physical and mental stimulation.
  • Suitable for puppies and older dogs.
  • The soft rubber coating is durable.


  • Some dogs might be scared of the noise.
  • The bouncing ball might produce a loud sound, especially when it hits a hard floor.

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11. NEILDEN Interactive Dog Toy: Puppy Motorized Entertainment Ball Toy for Pets

If you’re on a tight budget, this interactive toy will be the perfect choice for your dog. It can be used to stimulate your puppy or an older dog as it produces engaging sounds that improve intelligence. The Neilden Interactive Dog Toy is designed to be used inside and outside the house.

The ball has big eyes to catch the attention of your dog. It comes in a bright color, so your dog will easily find it. The plush cover is gentle on your puppy’s teeth, and the toy can also work for older dogs.

There’s a special button that activates squeaking sounds. It vibrates and can be thrown to improve the bond between you and your dog.

It bounces automatically, so it can be used when the dog is alone to overcome separation anxiety. An aggressive chewer can easily damage the cover, and the stuffing will come out.


  • Plush ball that can be used by puppies and bigger dogs.
  • Affordable dog toy that produces squeaking sounds.
  • Has big eyes and bright color.
  • Bounces automatically.


  • Not suitable for chewers.

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Final Thoughts

Electronic toys for dogs open doors to more ways of entertainment.

Stimulating your dog with these interactive toys will help improve mental and emotional development if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

There are different types of interactive dog toys available on the list, so you will definitely find one that works for you and your four-legged friend.