Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?


The Golden Retriever is a large, happy dog breed that was originally bred as a hunting companion. 

But today, they’re most commonly found as family dogs. They are loving, gentle, loyal dogs that make excellent companions.

But, are Golden Retrievers good with kids? 

Yes, Golden Retrievers are good with kids. They are fantastic family dogs and make excellent dogs for kids. They’re gentle, playful and their intelligence is unmatched. They’re also very obedient when trained correctly and have a low chance of biting or being aggressive.

But not every dog is a perfect fit for every family. When adopting a dog, we must consider each breed’s needs and personality. 

We should carefully evaluate if we can meet his needs and ensure that they are the best fit for our lifestyle.

Golden Retriever Temperament

If you’ve ever had a Golden Retriever puppy before, then you know it is an extremely playful, energetic and intelligent dog. 

This makes the breed suitable for homes with kids and families that can provide plenty of activity time for the dog. 

Their playfulness enables them to get along well with other animals such as cats, rabbits, etc., meaning that they can be trained not to chase after them. 

As long as your small child is gentle enough around smaller pets like guinea pigs, then there’s no reason not to have them.

Their agility also makes them great for outside activities. 

They’re very strong and can run long distances, so they will do well in a yard that’s fully fenced off or has a high fence surrounding it. 

Their strength means they can play football and Frisbee, swim, and pull you along on rollerblades if you enjoy those activities.

Why Make a Golden Retriever Your Family Dog

The main traits that make Golden Retrievers excellent dogs for families with kids are:

Affectionate By Nature

Golden Retrievers are highly affectionate dogs that love to cuddle and be close to their owners. 

They’re also great at sensing when you need a companion to hang out with or someone to help cheer you up, even if they can’t fully understand what’s going on in your head. 

This makes them great companions for children. 

They, too, benefit from spending time with another living being that gives them unconditional attention and cares about what’s going on in their lives.

Gentle Disposition

The Golden Retriever breed is known for being a gentle and docile dog that rarely barks or acts aggressively. 

This makes them a good family dog because they are less likely to be excited by the presence of children and, therefore, won’t accidentally knock over your child or frighten him with overly excessive barking.

Intelligent and Easy To Train

Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent and easy to train. 

They can quickly learn tricks and commands due to their cleverness, willingness to listen to their owner’s instructions and intelligence. 

They respond well to positive reinforcement, which makes them great for families who want a pet that can follow basic orders quickly!

Affectionate Towards Kids

Golden Retrievers are great with kids due to their gentle nature and high level of affection. 

They can easily pick up on the gestures, facial expressions, and bodily movements that indicate a child is getting upset and will respond by coming closer or licking their face in an attempt to make them feel better. 

This makes them a good choice for families with young children as they can recognize signs of distress from your child before you do.

Great Companions for Outside Activities

Golden Retrievers are very athletic dogs, making them ideal companions for families that enjoy taking part in outdoor activities such as walking, running, swimming, or playing Frisbee. 

They’re also strong swimmers, so they won’t struggle if you decide to spend time at the beach or go fishing with your kids on a boat. 

Provided they have adequate exercise, their coat is waterproof, which means they can accompany you and your child fishing even when it’s raining!

Extremely Social

Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly towards humans and animals alike, meaning they’ll get along with most children. 

They’re naturally curious, and this makes them great companions when you visit family or friends as they will socialize exceptionally well with their pets, the other people in the house, and your child. 

Just make sure that any interactions between your Golden Retriever dog and your young child are monitored during the first few visits until you can gauge how well they interact together!


Golden Retrievers are fairly easy to groom and don’t require frequent coat care. 

Their coat is waterproof, so they can get by with just regular brushing every few days and bathing once a month or so. 

If you plan on walking your dog every day, it might be advisable to bathe them more often to avoid having their skin dry out, but this will depend entirely upon the weather conditions in your area! 

Golden Retrievers shed a lot less than other breeds, too, which means they’re great for people who suffer from dog allergies or those who enjoy keeping their house clean during shedding seasons!

Cheerful and Happy-Natured

Golden Retrievers are well-known for their cheerful and playful nature. 

They’re always ready to play with others and love to spend time in the park or swimming in a lake with other family members. 

This makes them great companions for children as they will give your child someone else to have fun with! 

You can also take advantage of this by ensuring that your dog gets plenty of exercise every day, so he doesn’t become frustrated at being confined all day indoors.

Friendly Strangers

The Golden Retriever’s friendly nature towards strangers makes them excellent choices for families with children. 

They are unlikely to react aggressively towards other people in the household. 

This means that you can easily let your child play near, pet, or hug the dog without having to worry about aggressive behavior from him! 

If you ever want to bring a friend to play at home, it’s a good idea to introduce them on neutral territory first, like a park, so they’re comfortable around each other before bringing them back home.

Loyal Companions

The Golden Retriever is a very loyal companion. 

They are very affectionate towards their family and will be highly dedicated to any person – especially children – who they consider part of their pack. 

Just make sure your child doesn’t take advantage of this by being too rough or unkind with your dog!

Gentle Nature

Goldens are known for their gentle nature towards children, and this goes in both directions! 

While they are never aggressive, Golden Retrievers have been known to be very wary or shy around loud kids or if there is too much activity going on around them. 

If you have a hyperactive child who doesn’t stop moving, it might be wise to look at other breeds that will better cope with your child’s energy levels, such as a Labrador Retriever!

Great With Kids of All Ages

Golden Retrievers are extremely tolerant towards children of all ages. 

They’re exceptionally patient, which means they won’t get upset or frustrated when your baby tries to pet them and tug at their fur out of curiosity. 

As long as your child is old enough to know better than to pull a dog’s ears and tail, you won’t need to worry about any Golden Retriever getting overexcited or aggressive with your little one!

Why Shouldn’t You Make a Golden Retriever Your Family Pet

Although they make for great family pets, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t consider getting a Golden Retriever if you have kids.

Some of the main reasons to consider are:

Large and Strong

The Golden Retriever is a strong and large dog, which can be good and bad depending on your needs. 

These characteristics make them excellent guard dogs as they have a loud bark that will scare away intruders with the intention of burglary or worse! 

They’re also very playful, which means it’s fun to play catch or fetch outside. Still, they can inadvertently knock over small children when running around, so you’ll often want to keep an eye out for this.


Golden Retrievers are just plain clumsy sometimes. 

This doesn’t mean that they’re stupid, it’s simply due to their size and strength! 

It’s not uncommon for these dogs to trip on objects in the house like lamps or furniture and fall down, especially when you’re running around playing with them. 

While it can be funny at the moment, think about what could happen if your little one is standing next to these dogs when they trip and fall!


The Golden Retriever’s intelligence is also both a blessing and a curse. 

They want so much affection from their owners but are incredibly dependent on them too! 

They are not guard dogs – instead, they will depend on you more than anything else. 

This means that they’ll be sad if you don’t come home when you promised or if an emergency arises where you have to leave suddenly without notice. 

This trait can often lead to separation anxiety, making them destructive or even depressed when left alone!

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is also a problem with Golden Retrievers. 

They are highly dependent on their owners and can get very upset if they are left home alone or know you’re not coming back.

This might lead to destructive chewing habits, loud barking, or even depression. 

You must give your dog plenty of attention, so it doesn’t feel lonely while you’re away!

Costly Maintenance

Golden Retrievers are large dogs and therefore eat a lot which means you’ll have to pay more on food per month than you would if you had a smaller dog. 

It’s also essential to take them for vet trips regularly, so be prepared for that as well! 

You need to make sure they are vaccinated at regular intervals, dewormed regularly, and receive regular health checks. 

Also, remember that these are working dogs. 

Their long coat can easily get tangled up with (or into) things like brambles, branches of trees, or other hazards, so trimming them every once in a while is a must!

Exercise Needs

People with Golden Retrievers need to have a large backyard so the sweet pooch can shred and play around freely. 

These dogs love water which means you’ll want them to swim frequently, and they also need plenty of exercise – at least an hour per day, so be prepared! 

You might even consider taking them on hikes or jogging with them as well. Otherwise, you risk damaging their joints over time due to lack of active movement (which is bad if your dog has arthritis later in life).

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a dog to keep everyone happy, the Golden Retriever is your best bet. 

They are great with kids and will love them all day long! 

You won’t be able to go wrong if you get one of these excellent family dogs in your home.