13 Best Medium-Sized Dogs for First-Time Owners


Becoming a dog parent for the very first time can be quite overwhelming. Once you bring your four-legged friend home, you will be having a friend for life.

In this article, we’ll list the best medium-sized dogs for first-time owners, so you can choose the right companion.

Best Medium-Sized Dogs for First-Time Owners

Before getting your dog, you need to make sure that you’re ready to provide him or her with all the care and love they need. The following breeds are relatively easy to train and care for, so they will be suitable for inexperienced owners.

1. Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Living with your Basset Hound involves a lot of exercises and walks because this dog loves to stay active. The dog is people-oriented and gets along with children, so it will be a great addition to your household. It has a friendly and easy-going personality.

A first-time owner will appreciate how patient and low-key this dog is. It can be a little stubborn, but will always be charming.

This dog will drool too much and can get fat if you’re not careful about its diet. It will haul, especially when left alone for long periods.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It doesn’t bark much.
  • It feels happiest when there are people around.
  • It gets along with other dogs.

2. Boxer


Although Boxers were originally guard dogs, they can live comfortably in a loving home. This dog needs lots of exercises because it’s quite energetic and active. If you’re interested in a playful dog, this one will be the right one for you.

Boxers are always bright, alert, and courageous, but can be a little silly. The wrinkles on the face give this dog a curious look. It’s quite patient, so it’s the perfect companion for children and older people.

A typical Boxer is intelligent, fearless, and quite easy to train. You shouldn’t leave the dog alone outside the house because it’s intolerant of extreme weather conditions. Boxers will drool and snore more than other dogs.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It doesn’t need much grooming.
  • The dog bonds quickly with its owner.
  • It can adapt to apartment living.

3. Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel

If you’re energetic and like to spend lots of time outdoors, the Brittany Spaniel might be the right dog for you. This active dog has high exercise needs but will live happily with your family if you shower it with the love and affection it deserves.

The Brittany Spaniel is an upbeat and versatile gundog. It sheds moderately, and the coat should be brushed twice or three times a week to keep it in excellent condition. The underside of the ears should be inspected regularly and wiped clean.

It’s usually happy and hyperactive, so it’s a great companion for kids. This dog can stay happily in the house, or be the perfect travel companion in your car. However, this dog won’t suit you if your energy can’t match his.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It’s people-oriented.
  • It gets along with children, although supervision is recommended, especially when younger children are involved.
  • It enjoys following orders.

4. Bulldog


Bulldogs are rather low-maintenance and are affectionate towards everyone in the family. They need to be kept safe from extreme weather conditions, and you should pay attention to the risk of weight gain.

This is a calm dog that adapts well to life in the city or country. It’s easy-going, but you shouldn’t mistake its attitude for laziness. The folds on the face should be inspected and cleaned regularly to address any skin infections before they worsen.

These muscular dogs have large heads, and the female won’t be able to whelp puppies without assistance. You need to encourage your Bulldog to go on daily walks to stay healthy. Because of the shape of their heads, Bulldogs snore, snort, and wheeze.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It’s a loving dog that has a sweet and sociable personality.
  • It gets along with everyone.
  • It doesn’t bark much.

5. Cockapoo


If you’re looking for an adorable and loving dog, you should take a look at the Cockapoo. This breed was bred by combining Cocker Spaniel and Poodle breeds to make a new people-oriented breed that loves to play and have fun.

The curly and wired coat needs regular brushing and grooming. It requires moderate exercise to stay fit, but lots of mental stimulation.

A Cockapoo is an excellent lifetime companion, so it’s an amazing choice for retired people or stay at home parents. It can be a therapy dog and loves to spend time in your lap. It becomes restless when it spends a lot of time on its own.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It doesn’t shed much and is suitable for people with allergies because it doesn’t produce much hair or dander.
  • It doesn’t bark much.
  • It has a moderate energy level.

6. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

Having a Cocker Spaniel will bring so much joy to your life because the dog is always eager to please you. It’s naturally happy and loves to spend time on the couch with you. It also enjoys running and playing with the kids in the backyard.

The big dreamy eyes of this Cocker Spaniel are probably the main reason why so many people fall in love with this dog. The sweet expression of the big dark eyes shows how much they love your companionship.

Cockers can be picky eaters, so you might spend some time before they pick their favorite dish. Regular grooming and brushing are needed to keep this dog in top shape. They’re big enough to be sporty but are portable enough to be excellent travel companions.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It loves to be close to its family.
  • It gets along with children and elderly people.
  • It can be easily trained.

7. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is athletic and has been known to take part in agility contests. However, today it’s considered to be an excellent family companion because it’s friendly and playful. It’s a lovable and obedient bird dog of great stamina, so it needs regular exercise to stay in excellent health.

English Springer Spaniels are tough and muscular hunters but are easy to work with because they were bred to work closely with humans. They will join all family games and activities.

Training this dog shouldn’t be a big problem because it’s a people’s pleaser. It gets along with kids and other animals. It needs to be brushed weekly to make sure that there are no tangles in the hair.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It’s eager to please.
  • It doesn’t need lots of grooming.
  • It gets along with kids in the family.

8. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are intelligent and devoted working dogs. They’re extremely popular and outgoing, so they’re popular family dogs. Your dog will probably maintain its puppyish behavior into adulthood, so it’s fun to be around. This can be a little challenging for some people, but most people love to see their older Golden Retriever maintaining its playful personality.

Golden Retrievers can be trained to be guide dogs for the blinds or as search and rescue dogs because they’re quite smart. It will enjoy swimming and fetching with members of the family.

Your dog will shed all of its heavy coat once or twice a year, and sheds moderately throughout the year. This is why regular brushing is needed to remove the tangles and knots. Like other sporting dogs, your Golden Retriever needs daily exercise, or it will engage in destructive behaviors.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It’s extremely friendly and eager to please.
  • It can get along in any home or family setting.
  • It loves to play on land and in water.

9. Goldendoodle


This is another hybrid breed that resulted from the breeding between Poodles and Golden Retrievers. This crossbreed is becoming very popular because it’s easy to train and will bring lots of joy to your family.

Goldendoodles inherited the best traits from both breeds, so it doesn’t shed much. However, the coat still needs regular grooming and clipping.

It’s quite smart and affectionate, so it’s an excellent companion for novice owners. The dog can be trained to be a guide dog, service, dog, therapy dog, or a sniffer dog to help people with allergies avoid potential allergic reactions.

This dog gets along with everyone and will enjoy its life with the family.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It doesn’t shed much.
  • It’s easy to train.
  • It gets along well with adults and kids.

10. Labradoodle


This crossbreed is bred by mixing Poodles and Labrador Retrievers to create a hypoallergenic breed that doesn’t shed much. The Labradoodle is a smart and patient dog that can be trained to be a guide dog. It loves to spend time with its family and will shower the family members with love and affection.

Your dog will approach everyone with enthusiasm and is generally easy to train. It’s an intelligent dog and will respond properly because it’s always eager to please. Your Labradoodle will enjoy curling up with you on the couch as well as a game of fetch with your children.

However, it’s recommended to supervise your dog as it might accidentally knock down younger children. Mental and physical stimulation are needed to protect the dog from destructive behavior.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It’s a hypoallergenic dog that doesn’t shed much.
  • It’s an intelligent dog that likes to shower people with love.
  • It’s easy to train.

11. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is an active working dog that suits owners who are interested in an outgoing dog that likes to play around. This friendly dog is an amazing family companion and can socialize with neighbor dogs with no issues. As a famous waterdog, the Labrador Retriever will enjoy long swims and marathons of fetch.

The dog has a water-repellent coat that doesn’t shed much and only needs occasional brushing. It needs lots of exercises every day to stay physically and mentally stimulated. Many Labs work in search and rescue, drug and bomb detection, and as service dogs.

Although it’s highly active, training this dog won’t be a problem because it’s eager to please. It tends to bark a lot, especially when it’s bored. If you don’t pay attention to the dog’s diet, it can become obese.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It’s a people pleaser that can be trained easily.
  • It doesn’t require lots of grooming.
  • It’s dogs and kids friendly.

12. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is an excellent family dog because it’s kids and dogs friendly. This dog is friendly towards strangers and will bring lots of joy to any gathering.

Compared to other dogs, this one fits well into most homes and settings. It has a happy and devoted personality, but can be a little stubborn. The silky coat doesn’t shed much but needs regular grooming to avoid knots and tangles.

Even when your dog gets older, it requires regular exercise to stay in shape. It has a natural instinct for chasing, so you need to keep the backyard well-secured to protect it from accidents.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It can adapt well and fast to any kind of home.
  • It can get along well with other dogs and animals in the house.
  • It doesn’t shed much.

13. Whippet


Whippets are calm and affectionate dogs with gentle souls. They love to chase, but will also enjoy stretching out and relaxing for long hours. A Whippet will live happily in an apartment, but can also enjoy running in a fenced backyard.

A Whippet rarely barks, and this makes it perfect for apartment living. It’s a low maintenance dog because the coat doesn’t need regular brushing and won’t shed much. Daily exercise is needed to keep the dog in perfect condition.

This dog will be friendly towards everyone it meets, so it’s not a good watchdog. The thin skin is vulnerable and subject to tears.

This Dog is Perfect For First Time Owners Because

  • It gets along with kids and other dogs.
  • It loves to live in the house with the family.
  • It’s a low-maintenance dog.

Final Thoughts

Buying a dog for the first time is a big decision. Luckily, there are lots of medium-sized dog breeds that can be great companions for novice owners because they’re easy to train and manage.