Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs?


It is common to think that Corgis are good apartment dogs because they are small dogs that easily adapt to their environment.

But it’s not really an easy dog breed to raise. There are several things to consider before making the decision to live with a Corgi in an apartment.

Welsh Corgis can be good apartment dogs. But it’s essential first to know their personality, characteristics, and needs in order to consider if we can dedicate the time and effort necessary to offer them a happy and healthy life.

We need to dig a little deeper.

Types of Corgis

There are two different types of Corgis. One is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and the other is the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The two types of Corgi are considered two different dog breeds since they come from different ancestors. But their similarities are the result of crossbreeding during the 19th century.

There are some differences between the two types of Corgis. The most evident difference is that the Cardigan has a long tail, while the Pembroke has a tiny tail, or don’t have any.

They also differ in that the Cardigan Welsh Corgi ears are long and rounded at the tips, while the ears of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are not so long and are generally pointy.

Personality Traits and Temperament

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Originally the Welsh Corgis were used to herd cattle and other animals. For this reason, they still have the spirit and energy of a working dog.

As with any dog, its personality can vary from one dog to another. But generally, they are very cheerful dogs that are characterized by being playful, fun, smart and loyal.

Welsh Corgis love to play and easily give their trust and affection. They are attentive and are always eager to please.

A Corgi always like to be the center of attention and take part in all the activities of their family. They are known for having a great sense of humor and are always willing to entertain their family.

They are also very independent, smart and stubborn. Corgis strong-willed and like to do things their own way and when they want. They are known to impose their own rules if they are not properly trained. Likewise, they can be very stubborn if they are not given the necessary attention.

They have the personality and confidence of a big dog breed. Corgis are often described as big dogs in a small body.

The Corgis are protective dogs and are always alert for anything out of the ordinary. You will notice any small changes in your environment and even any small sounds or movements. They will always let their owner know that there is something different with their characteristic bark.

It is also worth mentioning that, although they are educated with known people, they are usually reserved with strangers.

Are Corgis Good With Kids?

They are playful, protective and loyal to their family. But they can also be very bossy and usually do things their own way.

How they were bred for herd. the Welsh Corgi used to nip the heel of the cattle and bark to keep them in line. This is why they have the habit of nip the heels and bark, mainly to the children they usually try to herd.

For the same reason, they have the instinct to chase everything that moves. For them, there is no difference between a sheep or a running child.

This does not mean that he is being aggressive. He is only doing the things for which he was raised. It’s the normal instinct of chase and herd of a herding dog breed.

For these reasons, although playful and fun, they are not recommended for families with small children.

Can Corgis Be Left Alone?

They do not like to be alone for long periods and are prone to develop separation anxiety.

The Corgis are a very intelligent breed and get bored easily if they do not have the proper stimulation. This can cause them to manifest destructive behaviors when left alone. You can also become compulsive barkers, which can be a problem when you live in an apartment.

If they have the required exercise before being left alone, it helps them to stay calm for a few hours.

It also helps to offer them challenging activities when they are left alone to keep them mentally active and not get bored. Puzzle toys are excellent to keep them entertained and stimulated.

When you leave him alone, you also have to consider how long he can hold to go to the bathroom. As a general rule, the hours that a dog can endure is the sum of the number of months that has, plus 1. For example, a puppy of 4 months old can hold it for 5 hours.

It is advisable that they do not hold it more than 6 hours if possible. But we must avoid that it does not go beyond 8 hours so that he doesn’t develop any physical problem.

Are Corgis Hard to Train?

As with all dogs, socialization and training are highly recommended for the Corgis.

They are stubborn and strong-willed dogs. And if we add to this that they like to be in charge and do things their own way, training can be a bit frustrating.

But they are also very intelligent and eager to please. So with patience and using positive reinforcement you are going to have good results.

But with a Corgi it’s essential to establish leadership from the beginning. This helps them to handle the training well and even enjoy learning new things.

It is not enough for the Welsh Corgis to have basic obedience training. It’s recommended that they have advanced training and, if possible, agility classes. Don’t be fooled by their non-athletic appearance, they actually run very fast and are very good at agility training.

It’s recommended that the training continues throughout his life. The rules must be consistently reinforced. Otherwise, they may develop negative habits and behaviors that are difficult to break.

Do Corgi Dogs Bark a Lot?

Corgis are known to bark a lot.

They are good watchdogs and highly alert. They bark to warn when they think something is different and consider it a threat. But the problem with this is they can bark for almost anything and even bark non-stop until you pay attention to them.

Corgis also often bark out of boredom when left alone for long periods. But they also tend to bark when they play.

On the other hand, as a herding dog, they were bred to direct their stock by nipping their heels and barking. Because of this, they also tend to bark when something is moving, such as children playing, or when they want someone to move.

The barking of a Corgi can be a problem if it’s not controlled from an early age.

Energy Level

Welsh Corgi running

Corgis are high-energy dogs that require at least a moderate amount of daily exercise to stay healthy.

Although the energy level can vary from one Corgi to another. All Corgis need to have several daily walks, some playtime and training sessions.

Although there are Corgis that need much more than that. Some Corgis seem never to get tired and those under 2 years old seem never to stop moving.

They also need a lot of mental stimulation. They like to be busy. For this, the advance obedience training and the agility classes that we discussed before, help a lot.

They are very adaptable to their environment, and if they live in an apartment, they will be fine if they go out daily to exercise and play.

They love physical activity and are the happiest when they have some job to do.

Grooming Needs

The Welsh Corgi is considered easy to groom. The short weatherproof double coat of the Corgi doesn’t need much grooming to have a good appearance. They are very clean dogs, and commonly it’s only necessary to bathe them every 3 or 4 months.

On the other hand, Corgis shed a lot on a daily basis and twice a year, during the shedding periods, they shed much more. For this reason, you have to brush them once a day to remove the shed hair, so it does not end up all over your apartment.

It’s also necessary to check regularly that their ears are clean and healthy and make sure there are no signs of irritation or infection.

Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs?

Welsh Corgi in an apartment

The Welsh Corgis can be good dogs for apartment living since it’s a breed that adapts very well to its environment.

But it is not an easy dog breed. They usually are not recommended for first-time owners.

Adopting a dog, as with any other pet, is a long-term commitment. So you have to consider that to raise a healthy and happy Corgi, you will have to invest a lot of time, energy and effort.

To be able to decide if a Corgi is right for you, you need to consider some things in order to make the right decision.

Physical and Mental Activity Needs

Many people think that, because they are small dogs, they have little exercise needs. But as I mentioned before, Corgis are high-energy dogs pack in a small body.

Corgis need a lot of exercise to burn their energy, stay mentally stimulated, and healthy.

It’s a dog breed that needs something to do otherwise they get bored easily. A bored Corgi will always look for ways to entertain himself. He will always find ways to direct his energy, mainly through some kind of negative behavior such as chewing, barking or howling.

For this reason, they need daily exercise and playtime. This ensures that his energy does not manifest in negative behavior.

As with any dog breed, the exercise needs may vary from one dog to another.

But as a general rule, a couple of short daily walks and a little playtime is not enough. As they are an active working breed, they need more than that to cover their activities needs.

It’s recommended to get them out at least 2 times for 45 minutes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They should have an energetic and exhausting exercise such as brisk jogging and long walks. It also helps them to have off-leash running time, play with other dogs or playing fetch.

You also have to consider that Corgis between 6 and 18 months need more activity. They have more energy to burn than an older dog.

On the other side, puppies younger than 6 months should not be forced to do any excessive activity or exercise. Puppies have enough exercise playing with other dogs or people.

On the other hand, having training sessions is an excellent way to keep them physically and mentally active. It is best to dedicate one or two training sessions of 10 minutes a day.

Also, the puzzle and food-dispensing toys help to keep them mentally stimulated. Also, as they like to work for their food, using a Kong filled with food allows them to keep them entertained and stimulated for a long time.


One of the main problems of living with a Welsh Corgi in an apartment is that they bark a lot. Not only do they bark a lot, but they also bark very loud and sometimes for long periods. In an apartment, this usually causes many problems with neighbors.

They are watchdogs who are always alert to everything that happens in their environment. This causes them to bark at anything they consider unusual. But also they usually bark when they are playing or are bored.

But we must take into account that, with proper training, exercise, and socialization, the barking can be reduced but not disappear completely.

It’s very helpful to socialize them from an early age. On the one hand, it helps them to learn to trust strangers and other animals, so they don’t start barking at anyone who approaches them. On the other hand, it helps them to understand what can be normal and for which things are worth barking.


Corgis are one of the breeds that shed the most. They tend to shed all the time.

When you live with a Corgi, you have to be prepared to find hair anywhere inside your apartment and even on your clothes.

In order to control their shedding, it will be necessary to brush them every day.

It can help to bathe them once a week. This helps to loosen the dead hair and makes it easy to remove it by brushing it well after bathing.

Likewise, proper nutrition helps control excessive shedding.

Final Thoughts

It’s important that people choose the dog breed that best suits their lifestyle.

The great personality of the Welsh Corgi makes them great and loyal companions that will make your life more entertaining.

But their high need for activity, their barking instincts, and shedding issues can be a problem for many dog owners who live in apartments.

It’s necessary to consider the place and size of where you live when you adopt a dog. But the time and effort you are willing to dedicate to your dog are more important.

A Corgi can be a good apartment dog if you are willing to invest the necessary time and energy to cover his needs.

If he has his needs for physical and mental activity covered, as well as the attention and constant training they require, they can live happily and healthily whether they live in the Buckingham Palace, a house or an apartment.

Any Corgi owner will tell you that the effort is worth it and what you get in return is invaluable.