Are Boxers Good Apartment Dogs?


Boxers are strong medium-sized dogs originally bred for fighting and hunting. Although they are now popular as companion and family dogs.

They are intimidating in appearance,  but they are very friendly and outgoing dogs which makes them good guard dogs and great family dogs.

But, are Boxers good apartment dogs?

With discipline, structure and a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, Boxers are great apartment dogs. They are good, patient and friendly companions who generally get along with everyone. And, although they are high-energy and somewhat stubborn dogs, with proper training and exercise they are calm and obedient dogs that adapt perfectly to apartment life.

But first of all, it’s necessary to consider the personality and needs of Boxers to know if it’s a dog breed that adapts well, not only to apartment life but also to our lifestyle.

We always have to be sure that we can cover the needs of our dog.

Personality Traits and Temperament

boxer personality

Boxers are proud and self-confident dogs, known to be somewhat stubborn. But they are also a loyal dog with his family and with a tender and friendly temperament.

Great companions, devoted friends, and with a social personality that tends to be friendly to people and other pets, although they don’t get along with other dogs of the same sex.

They are very playful and clowny dogs that tend to take longer to mature than most breeds. They can behave and play like puppies up to three to four years old.

Are Boxers Good Family Pets?

Boxers are great family dogs. Loyal to their family and patients, playful and gentle with children. Since they are very active and playful dogs, they are great playmates of big and active children.

They create close bonds with his family and are brave dogs always ready to defend and protect their family.

Are Boxers Good Guard Dogs?

Boxers are very good guard dogs. They are strong dogs that have the nature to protect their home and family.

But while they are child-friendly and familiar, they are alert and suspicious of strangers.

Although they are gentle and without aggressive tendencies, whenever the situation needs it, they will defend their family from any danger.

Are Boxers Considered an Aggressive Breed?

Despite their strong and intimidating appearance, Boxers are not a breed that is considered aggressive. They are actually friendly, very playful and sociable dogs.

Although they are considered good guard dogs due to their protective instincts, a well-socialized and well-trained Boxer will only be aggressive when strictly necessary.

Always keep in mind that any dog breed can become aggressive. Much has to do with their upbringing and life history.

This is why it’s always important to socialize and train our dog to ensure we have a well-balanced and obedient dog.

Can Boxers be Left Alone?

Boxers don’t like to be left alone. They are dogs that like company and, being intelligent dogs and with a lot of energy, they get bored easily and tend to show destructive behavior when they are left alone for long periods.

They require the interaction of people or other dogs to be happy.

It’s common for owners to have two Boxers to keep each other company and entertained.

Boxers are recommended for homes where someone is usually home. They aren’t good dogs for families and busy people who have little time to spend with their dog.

Are Boxers Hard to Train?

Boxers are smart dogs, but it’s hard for them to take training seriously.

Some people find Boxers difficult to train. But while they are not as easy to train as other breeds, they aren’t a difficult dog to train.

To train a Boxer you have to be firm and consistent. A structured and fun training routine while young allows great results with Boxers.

It’s recommended to start training them as young as possible.

Training a little eight weeks old Boxer can be fun and easy.

But since they are dogs that can be quite stubborn and become quite strong when they grow up, the bigger they are when you start training them, the more complicated it becomes.

Do Boxers Bark a Lot?

Although Boxers are not quiet dogs, they do not tend to bark excessively. It can be said that when a Boxer barks, it’s generally because he has a good reason to do so.

The main reasons why Boxers bark are:

  • For protection. Boxers are recognized as good watchdogs. They are territorial dogs that are always alert and they bark to warn that something unusual is happening.
  • Out of loneliness or boredom. Boxers are very active and intelligent dogs who like the company and interaction with people. Because they do not handle being alone well and are easily bored, they often manifest excessive barking when feeling abandoned.
  • Due to pain. If a Boxer suddenly starts barking constantly without a clear cause, it may be because he feels pain or discomfort from an injury or illness.

Boxers Energy Levels

Boxer energy

Boxers are high-energy dogs that need plenty of exercise, both mentally and physically.

Exercise needs vary from dog to dog. Some need to go for a half-hour to an hour walk twice a day, while others will need more than two hours of exercise a day. 

It also helps that they have running time and plenty of outdoor playtime.

You also need to keep their curious minds active. Fun training sessions and games like hide and seek will keep Boxers’ minds engaged.

Being able to give a Boxer plenty of exercise is the best way to ensure good behavior. But be careful with hot climates as they tend to overheat.

Boxers Grooming Needs

boxer grooming

Boxers are fairly clean dogs that require minimal grooming.

It’s not necessary to bathe them too often. They only need to be bathed when strictly necessary.

They tend to shed heavily so they need to be brush weekly to keep their short and smooth coat healthy and the amount of hair under control.

Other grooming needs of Boxers are brushing their teeth regularly to avoid bad breath and prevent gum diseases. 

It’s also necessary to trim their nails every two weeks if they do not wear them naturally.

Is a Boxer a Good Apartment Dog?

raising a boxer in an apartment

As long as they have the proper training and daily exercise they need, boxers make great apartment dogs. Due to their friendly and social personality, as well as their clean and quiet nature, Boxers have qualities that make them perfect for apartment living.

If we also consider that they are good guard and family dogs, the Boxer is the ideal dog for many people. 

Although it must be remembered that they are not dogs for owners who cannot spend a lot of time with him.

Tips for Raising a Boxer in an Apartment

1. Exercise Is Essential for Boxers

Boxers are high-energy dogs that need plenty of daily exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Boxers are recommended to have more than two hours of exercise a day. In order to live in an apartment, Boxers normally need to go out for a walk twice a day for about an hour.

Since they are dogs that love fun, some playtime helps them burn off that extra energy. Likewise, taking him regularly to a doggie daycare or dog park will allow him to run and play with other dogs.

Lack of exercise can cause behavior problems in a Boxer. Some of these problems are:

  • Aggression
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Excessive barking
  • Biting

2. Start Training Them at a Young Age

Training and socialization are essential to ensure that a Boxer grows up being a well-behaved dog with an even temperament.

As they become very strong and stubborn dogs, it’s essential to start training them since puppyhood, before it becomes more difficult to control them. Although it’s never too late to start.

Boxers respond very well to positive reinforcement training which is to reinforce desired behaviors.

They are intelligent dogs and when training a Boxer you have to be firm and consistent. Otherwise, they will always find ways to get what they want.

You can also consider taking them to obedience classes with a professional trainer.

3. Don’t Leave Them Alone for Long

They cannot adjust well with dog owners who spend a lot of time away from home.

Boxers need to always be with their family. They don’t like to be alone and can develop destructive behaviors when they are alone for long periods.

But it’s inevitable to have to leave them alone sometimes. 

In these cases, it is always possible to seek help. You can ask a friend or neighbor to take care of him while you are gone or seek the help of professional dog sitters or dog walkers.

You can also take him to a Doggie Daycare where he can spend the day playing with other dogs.

4. Provide Plenty of Playtime

Boxers are very energetic and playful, mainly during the first three or four years of age. They love to play and have a fun time with their family or other dogs.

Playing and interacting with people is an essential part of the development of a Boxer. It helps them stay healthy and prevent them from manifesting destructive habits due to their excessive energy and boredom.

Through play, Boxers can exercise and strengthen their social skills and ties to their family.

5. The Closer to the Ground Floor, the Better

Boxers are medium to large-sized dogs and tend to go to the bathroom fewer times than small breeds. But living in an apartment requires going out regularly for your dog to do his things.

When they are puppies, all dogs have to go to the bathroom, at least at the beginning, every hour. Although an adult dog can hold it for six to eight hours.

This means, especially with a puppy, that you are going to have to do a lot of potty breaks outside. Having an apartment on the top floors will make this more difficult.

To make things easier for your dog, an apartment on the first floor is a good option.

6. Establish a Routine

A daily routine helps your dog feel more secure and calm. Knowing what to expect during the day gives dogs confidence and avoids unnecessary stress.

Always try to feed them at the same time. You also have to take them out to the bathroom and for a walk more or less at the same time daily.

This also has the benefit of regulating their metabolism which helps them to go to the bathroom at the same hours and to distribute their energy and activity needs throughout the day.

7. Keep Your Apartment Cool

The Boxer is a breed that does not handle heat well since they cannot regulate their body temperature properly. You have to be vigilant and avoid that they get overheated.

You have to be careful not to over-exercise them in hot weather. When it’s hot, you have to make sure that they don’t go for a walk for more than 20 or 30 minutes.

Also, for this reason, they are not good outdoor dogs.

They enhance fresh indoor environments. For this, we must keep our apartment cool. In hot weather, we must use the air conditioning and make sure to hydrate our Boxer regularly.

You should never leave a Boxer alone in a car even with the windows down and on cloudy days. A slight change in temperature and humidity inside the car can cause it to overheat and can be fatal for the dog.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Boxers are wonderful family and guard dogs that adapt well to apartment living.

Their friendly and caring personality makes them great and loyal companions as long as they can be provided with the exercise and care they need.

We always have to remember that adopting a dog is a long-term commitment. A commitment that requires time, money and effort.

That is why it’s important to know the dog breed well, its temperament, needs and care. We have to be really sure that we can offer him a healthy and full life.