13 Best Apartment Dogs That Don’t Shed


Having a dog best friend is one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. Sharing laughs and heartache through an unbreakable bond is a privilege many people wish for, but sadly, end up postponing or even giving up altogether.

Why? Well, if you live in an apartment, you know how shedding can be a real nightmare. In a couple of weeks, there’ll probably be hair covering every inch of your home.

Luckily, there are dozens of breeds out there with minimal to no shedding tendencies, waiting for you to choose from and finally make it happen! 

So without further ado, here are 13 best apartment dogs that don’t shed:

1. Basenji


Basenjis are moderately sized hounds, growing as tall as 17 inches at the shoulders. They’ll probably charm you the moment you lay your eyes on of them, thanks to their short shining coat, wrinkled forehead, and expressive almond-shaped eyes.

Basenjis have a stark reputation of minimal shedding. Their fine hairs are no longer than your eyelash, which means you’ll barely notice them even when the dog does shed.

Basenjis are rather fastidious pets, often referred to as cat-like, which adds to the entire cleanliness aspect. They shouldn’t need more than the regular bath since you won’t catch them being smelly.

These dogs aren’t precisely obedient if they’re given the chance. They love a good chase so when you take one outside, keep it on a leash.

Basenjis need some time to warm up to new friends, they’re also independent and you should train them using positive reinforcement methods.

Besides being dogs that almost don’t shed, they’re barkless dogs, which is another plus for choosing a Basenji for apartment life.

2. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

An equally inviting personality matches the cute adorable exterior of the Bichon Frise. The glorious white puffed up coat is deeply contrasted with a set of jet black orbs, leathery button nose, and lips.

They’re playful, curious, and you’ll notice their evident outgoing nature when introduced to other people, dogs, as well as kids.

Their exercise schedule is rather moderate. They’re not too active nor too idle. They enjoy doing tricks as much as snuggling on the couch.

Bichons train nicely, they respond well to rewarding techniques demonstrating an eagerness to please their owners. They don’t like being left alone for too long, and this will often result in negative behaviors.

Bichons are good apartment dogs since they are known to be hypoallergenic since they don’t typically shed. Moreover, their curls act as barriers that hold back dead hair and dander from escaping into the environment.

Grooming should be done at least twice a week to brush out the caught up hair in the undercoat.

3. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

Weighing no more than 13 pounds, Brussels Griffons are small packages holding huge personalities. They’re loyal companions, friendly, and all-around sociable. Their eyes tend to project an array of human emotions, adding to their captivating persona.

Griffons are two types, smooth-coated and rough-coated. Ones with a smooth coat shed during spring and fall, just like regular dogs. 

On the other hand, Griffons with rough coats are the true stars today because they don’t shed. The occasional groom is enough to keep your home free of stray hairs.

They have a bearded look that gives off an air of wisdom. They strongly attach themselves to their special humans, following them around from room to room. A game of chasing the ball with their owners can be the highlight of their outdoor time.

However, they can get too sensitive so you should never resort to harsh corrections during training sessions.

4. Coton De Tulear

Coton De Tulear

The Coton de Tulear name may sound stuck up, but in reality, these dogs will brighten your life like sunshine on a rainy day!

Their personality is remarkably cheerful and outgoing. They’re witty, light-hearted, and will undoubtedly amuse you with their antics. They do require a lot of attention, but you’ll be more than happy to provide.

Cotons are small in size, ideal for living in apartments. Their coats live up to their name, being white as snow and soft as cotton. It’s more like hair than fur and is generally considered to be hypoallergenic.

This dog breed is non-shedding, which makes grooming slightly breezy, almost non-existence if you decide to clip its hair down short. However, if you let it grow long, your dog will require extensive brushing to avoid unwanted oil build-up.

Cotons are somewhat active dogs, and so, their exercise requirements aren’t very demanding. They enjoy slow-paced walks which are usually enough to maintain a good shape.

5. Dachshund


Does the name “Weiner dog” ring any bells? I bet the first thing that popped into your head is the Dachshund.

This infamous breed is best recognized by its elongated body that maintains a low-profile, coupled with tiny yet sturdy legs. A standard sized Dachshund stands at 9 inches max, while a miniature sized one doesn’t grow over 6 inches tall, which makes Dachshunds good for apartment living.

Dachshunds shedding pattern varies according to 3 coat types, wirehaired coats shed less than long-haired and smooth coats. However, all types are categorized as low-shedding.

Dachshunds are spirited animals, full of life and curiosity, lead by their top-notch sense of smell. They often get distracted tracking down interesting scents, so they won’t be attached to you at the hip.

These purebreds aren’t exactly stunt experts, meaning they don’t jump or run for long distances. They’re satisfied with playing around the house or apartment.

6. Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound

Smaller and thinner than a true Greyhound, Italian Greyhounds stand somewhere between 13 and 15 inches at the shoulder, weighing around 13 pounds on average.

IGs are alert and tentative creatures. They come from a noble background, associated with aristocratic status over the years.

Italian Greyhounds adapt rather well to apartment living. They love curling on their owner’s lap or snuggling together on the couch. They’re highly affectionate and sensitive, always down for bonding time with the family.

These dogs aren’t big on the whole shedding scene. Their sleek short coats are low shedding and low dander. They rarely need baths unless playtime got out of hand and gentle brushing just won’t do.

Italian Greyhounds require a fair share of exercise. However, a leash is a must in case their dash-and-pursuit instincts kick in.

Owing to their sensitivity and intelligence, it’s best for you to resort to positive reinforcement training, using treats as rewards.

7. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso

An ancient breed of dogs that ought to be doing shampoo commercials. The Lhasa Apso is widely famous for its luscious coat of long silky hair that reaches the floor and drapes from either side of its body.

They’re obviously of Asian origin, the exotic look says it all, and used to serve monks and highly-regarded figures in the Himalayas.

Lhasa dogs are smart, wise, and confident. This doesn’t stop them from being rather comical when it comes to their families, giving you quite a laugh.

However, they tend to be wary of strangers, in the sense that they can’t be fooled.

Lhasas follow a human-like shedding pattern, meaning they shed very little only when the hair is too long. Whether you let your dog rock its natural hairstyle or trim it down, regular brushing is recommended.

Lhasas are intelligent, frequently work as therapy dogs. Besides being dogs that shed very little,hey easily adapt to apartment life, running around when they need to self-exercise.

8. Maltese


As majestic as they come, Maltese dogs are the embodiment of luxury and sophisticated beauty. Their stunning coat of long, white, straight hair can put a stop to any show.

These little charmers are one of the lightest out there, weighing no more than 7 pounds when fully grown. Their twinkling black eyes will definitely leave you defenseless, and they know it.

Maltese dogs rarely shed, which is great news for apartment dwellers. However, their glorious coats demand some serious grooming action to avoid mats and tangles. You’ll need to care for their hair as much as yours, to keep it beautiful and healthy.

Despite being energetic, Maltese dogs won’t bother you with regular exercise. They’ll be happy enough to accompany you on walks or play simply indoors.

These dogs are extremely friendly, always ready to make new friends. They typically lead long lives into the double digits, making wonderful life companions.

9. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

Showing off one heck of a magical beard, the Miniature Schnauzer is the smaller version of a standard Schnauzer, standing at 14 inches tall and weighing 20 pounds at most.

The prominent bushy eyebrows complement their beards to give a unique bad-ass sort of aura. These stocky dogs are tough and courageous, yet friendly and lively around their families.

Mini Schnauzers are known to be excellent roommates, especially in apartments. They have double coats consisting of a wiry topcoat with a soft undercoat. Minis rarely shed—their undercoats lock in loose hairs, which is quite a blessing if you suffer from allergies.

Minis have an average energy level, so living in the city is very much possible. You want to schedule regular activity sessions to maintain their mental and physical health.

They’re quick learners and notorious crowd-pleasers. This directly translates into smooth and productive training.

10. Poodle


There are 3 sizes of Poodles: standard, miniature, and toy, with heights ranging from over 15 inches to less than 10 inches. Poodles are proud hounds, showing impressive intelligence and agility.

They may be portrayed as goofy and weak, but looking past the stereotype, they’re quite sharp and athletic.

Poodles are regarded as hypoallergenic. Their coats are mostly non-shedding with minimal release of dander. 

You won’t have to worry about fur turning up every corner of your apartment. However, your poodle will need extra care for its coat if you decide to keep it long.

If you don’t commit to regular thorough brushing, you may end up having your poodle’s hair shaved off to start over.

Poodles are smart and graceful, making for an extremely trainable breed. It’s pretty evident as they easily dominate dog shows.

Poodles are active dogs, so frequent exercise is due. They’re generally friendly, peaceful, and great with kids.

11. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

Bright and dependable, Portuguese Water Dogs were built to be the ultimate fishermen companions. 

They were meant to work for long hours performing various tasks. Today these dogs are still robust, fit, and agile with superior swimming skills.

Their medium-sized bodies are covered in packed curls. They’re a single coated, low-shedding breed, categorized as hypoallergenic.

Still, their coats are dense with a whole lot of hair. This means you’ll have some extensive grooming tasks on hand, probably best if handled by a professional.

Portuguese Water Dogs are people-oriented, they demand attention and thrive in human contact. They don’t do well when left alone for too long, so if you plan on working extra hours, this breed may not be the ideal choice.

This is an athletic breed, as we mentioned, they’re fundamentally hard workers which means their exercise schedule should be vigorous yet versatile.

12. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Not many dogs can compete with the compelling beauty of a Shih Tzu dog. I mean, they’re practically swimming in a sea of lush hair, with big dark orbs that are incredibly heart-warming.

Their long-haired coats, however, are a double-sided weapon. You may be highly tempted to let it flow so you can enjoy the majestic sight. But for apartments and those suffering from allergies, we strongly recommend keeping it on the short side.

Shih Tzus shed in a human-like manner, meaning you’ll only notice shed hair when it’s long, particularly after petting or grooming your pet.

Shih Tzus are such life-of-the-part kind of dogs, they’re playful and outgoing, drawing laughter wherever they go. They’re generally affectionate pets, known to be especially great with children.

As a royal breed, Shih Tzus are grade-A house companions, perfectly happy with the indoor life. They love sitting on their owner’s lap, but won’t turn down a nice short walk.

13. Whippet


Ending on a high and fast note, Whippets stand at 22 inches tall with an exceptionally athletic “S” shaped body, built for speed and agility.

Whippets carry a special place in their hearts for intense pursuits, but make no mistake, these dogs live for snuggles. 

Their calm deme often gives off a distant impression, they’ll, however, curl up next to you whenever possible and follow you around wherever you go.

Whippets sport sleek, smooth, short-haired coats. They don’t shed much, but you do need to make time for a weekly grooming session to keep loose hairs off your clothes and furniture.

As natural runners, Whippets require a slightly higher than average level of exercise. These dogs enjoy chasing balls, catching flying discs, and regular walks.

Whippets, besides they don’t shed much, are dogs of a few barks, which is a total plus for apartment life.

Final Thoughts

Who said that living in an apartment should stop you from enjoying the company of a lifelong best friend? 

With our list of the best apartment dogs that don’t shed, we’re confident you’ll find your barking match in no time!